Materic, a custom manufacturer of advanced materials, and LaunchPort, LLC, a medical device venture center and GMP contract manufacturing operation today announced a partnership to drive the use of advanced materials in the development of emerging medical device technologies.

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Danae is 3D printing service provider from ideation to production. Take your idea from concept to (physical parts) with our engineering service.

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DiPole Materials work with you to create custom nanofiber products. From raw material to final product, our experts will provide R&D and manufacturing services to make your electrospinning ideas a reality.

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Synteris is an alternative Additive Manufacturing (AM) approach for non-oxide ceramic parts incorporates laser-induced reactions between our reactive precursor system and a gaseous atmosphere to synthesize an array of carbides or nitrides

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Abri encapsulate enzymes and catalysts within a semi-permeable membrane protecting them from harsh environments.We develop products for high value applications.

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Ortuvo is using its proprietary screen printing technology to develop a first in class, scalable in vitro toxicity screening system. Ortuvo’s live cell, screen printing technology improves cell viability, lowers cost and increases assay to assay consistency compared to 3D bioprinting.

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Nanodirect demonstrated the ability to separate carbon-based nanoparticles in a continuous process. With this unique process, we were able to find our first customers and bootstrap our growth from there.

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Scigenesis is creating, combining and integrating numerous technologies to impart multi-functional properties to cosmetics and textiles. The goal is to protect war fighters, workers and recreationists from the environmental elements.

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Covelus aims to address the industry need by developing a novel DEP-based technology system that by passes all of the a-forementioned challenges.

Lithinity will deliver a new commercial technology to increase domestic supplies of lithium, while subverting some of the existing challenges of conventional mining methods and enabling negative emissions production of key minerals.