Founded in 2018 in Baltimore, MD, as a collaborative effort between Dr. Suzan Shahrestani and Early Charm, Minnowtech develops precision aquaculture technologies to maximize aquafarmers’ cultivation efforts using integrated sensor-based systems.

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VakSea’s mission is to increase the efficiency and quality of aquaculture production. By increasing the aquaculture industry’s disease resilience, we can significantly and sustainably increase the global food supply while reducing the waste caused by crop losses from disease outbreaks.

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Gaskiya Diagnostics offers low-cost, paper-based and easy-to-use diagnostic tests for disease detection. We put the power of diagnosis directly into the hands of farmers for: Shrimp, Finfish, Mollusks, Crustaceans, Algae.

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Hyalus Labs LLC is aquaculture consulting company and custom solutions provider to the growing aquaculture industry. Hyalus offers a suite of services including expert opinions, practical implementation plans, and deployment of cutting-edge technologies to new and existing aquaculture projects worldwide.

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