Check out our open positions and opportunities.


Check our our open positions and opportunities.


What We Look For

We build companies that create sustainable value. We don’t chase quick exits using high-risk capital with a fail-fast mentality. We intend for every business we launch to make money, so we put a proven business management process in place from day one.

Applications Scientist

We are passionate about accelerating the pace of drug discovery. We are scientists, chemists, programmers, and innovators developing and utilizing next generation computer-aided drug design for end-to-end solutions in small molecule and biologics development.

Polymer Scientist

You will engage with our customers and our team of scientists, engineers, and designers across a range of technologies including custom inks, nanomaterials, technical textiles, 3D printing and controlled delivery.

Scientist – Ceramics and Additive Manufacturing

You will also engage with teams working on near net shape oxide ceramic 3D printing, novel biologics 3D printing technologies and our custom 3D print farm which includes a range of 3D printing technologies for plastics and metals.

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