Check out our open positions and opportunities.


Check our our open positions and opportunities.


What We Look For

We build companies that create sustainable value. We don’t chase quick exits using high-risk capital with a fail-fast mentality. We intend for every business we launch to make money, so we put a proven business management process in place from day one.

Job Opening: Scientist – Medicinal Chemistry and Computational Design

This position with Early Charm portfolio company SilcsBio manages customer service projects as well as support technical software sales. SilcsBio scientists enable drug discovery scientists to discover new drug candidates, optimize lead compound candidates, and facilitate the formulation of protein-based drugs using a patented physics- and structure-based approach.

Job Opening: Operations Specialist – Technology Assessment

This Early Charm role will place you on the cutting edge of moving new science toward market by working to discover unmet market needs, understand how new science can impact those needs and analyze opportunities for us to license patents from universities and government labs.

Job Opening: Applications Scientist

This position with Early Charm Ventures' portfolio company, SilcsBio, centers on deploying SilcsBio's software platform to perform molecular modeling and interface with customers for technical support and sales.

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