Danae, at special Arts and Industries Building exhibit, presents its product that allows

prosthetic users to digitally design their own shapes and patterns for artificial limbs

April 28, 2022, Baltimore, MD Danae, Inc., a Baltimore-based 3D printing design and manufacturing company, recently was selected to be part of a group of innovation-based, future-oriented companies being featured in a special exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Arts and Industries Building through July 2022.

To commemorate the Arts and Industries Building’s recent re-opening, Danae was invited to display its specialized 3D printed product that allows prosthetic users to digitally design their own shapes and patterns for artificial limbs, transforming a medical device into a custom canvas for personal expression.

Danae, a portfolio company with Early Charm’s Materic, LLC, is appearing in the Arts and Industries Building’s re-opening debut exhibition titled “Futures that Unite,” the Smithsonian’s first major building-wide exploration of the future.

This new, curated museum experience combines cutting-edge art, technology, design and history, inviting visitors to imagine many possible futures on the horizon.

One of Danae’s early customers for its prosthetic product was Caitlin Conner, an athlete, model, community builder and content creator, who runs a non-profit called Be More Adaptive.

To optimize her career and lifestyle as an amputee, Conner was originally looking for a prosthetic design that she could wear modeling on the runway or in the office.

Using measurements of her sound leg, Danae’s team mirrored these measurements into a 3D printed prosthetic cover that goes over her prosthetic leg, giving her the shape of her body back in the style that she chose, which was dragon scales.

“Our experience helping Caitlin live her life to the fullest as an amputee has led directly to this opportunity to present our work at the Smithsonian,” said Winston Frazier, CEO and Founder of Danae and a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art. “We’re grateful to the Arts and Industries Building team for giving us this opportunity to show how advanced materials for 3D printing are helping improve lives every day.”

Last fall, Danae announced it has partnered with Materic and received investment from Conscious Venture Partners through their Conscious Venture Fund II. Located at Baltimore’s 1100 Wicomico, Danae has used this investment to install eight new printers to meet its fast-growing customer demand.

The new machines extend Danae’s capabilities, allowing them to manufacture parts using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) or Stereolithography (SLA) technologies. SLS uses a laser to transform powder into a 3D model whereas SLA uses a laser to cure liquid resin into hardened plastic.

About Danae:

Danae, Inc., a Materic portfolio company, is a digital manufacturing service provider for 3D printing services, SMEs, and engineering companies. Our team prioritizes collaboration and relationship management with clients spanning a variety of industries to provide personalized solutions for companies looking to build out prototypes or produce iterative designs. Learn more: www.danae.com

About Materic:

Based in Baltimore, MD, Materic custom designs and manufactures advanced materials. Materic applies its expertise in electrospinning, nanoparticle separation, textile treatments, 3D printing materials, specialty inks and microencapsulation to its own product lines as well as taking on custom manufacturing and development projects for its customers. Learn more: www.matericgroup.com

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Ken Berlack