August 10, 2022, Baltimore, MD – Minnowtech, part of Early Charm’s Blue Economy Portfolio, was featured in the August 2022 edition of I95 Business magazine. The story covers the launch of Minnowtech’s subsurface biomass reader for shrimp (the “BRS-1”) and the impact it will have on the shrimp farming industry.

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About Minnowtech
Minnowtech is an aquaculture technology company, founded in Baltimore, MD and with operations in Hawaii, that enables shrimp farmers to measure shrimp biomass with precision. Using Minnowtech’s sonar-based system, shrimp farmers optimize the health and growth of their animals, enhancing harvest of market-size shrimp while minimizing risks to juvenile shrimp. Learn more:

About Early Charm
Early Charm creates, owns and operates businesses that convert science into revenue. We are the management team, the operators and the entrepreneurs. We don’t write checks and just pop in for board meetings. We show up to our labs, our production facilities and our offices every day to do all the heavy lifting in our portfolio companies. Learn more:

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Ken Berlack
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