We maintain offices at Spark Baltimore, a co-working space with over 150 companies. We’ve been there since it opened in 2016 and they’ve continued to meet our expansion needs.

Spark provides us a dynamic environment to work from with hundreds of other entrepreneurs around. It also includes a half dozen conference rooms, a large lounge complete with cold brew coffee and beer on tap, and phone rooms.

Located in the center of Baltimore, we’re a five minute subway ride to the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus in one direction and University of Maryland, Baltimore in the other, plus a short walk across the street to the Inner Harbor and the Institute of Marine Environmental Technology.

Our labs and production facility are just across the street from M&T Stadium at 1100 Wicomico. In this eight story industrial building, once the home to Under Armour, we have about 2k square feet of wet labs with four fume hoods and 2k square feet of production space housing heavier equipment.


We’re located next to our frequent business partners Harbor Design & Manufacturing which gives us ready access to their clean room, engineers, assembly production space and their GMP certification. Also located nearby are dozens of other tangible innovation product manufacturing operations leading the building owners to designate it the Baltimore Innovation Center.

When we need a part fabricated or a device prototyped, we use our membership at Open Works. Baltimore’s premier makers space with a full range of metal, wood, textile and electronics fabrication machines. This also gives us access to the community of makers working there which comes in useful when we need a bit of quick help on a project.

Also, we maintain a base of operations for sales and marketing in Paris, France alongside our business partner  Business Crescendo.