Early Charm has access to over 7,000 square feet of production and development space and 3,000 square feet of office space at 1100 Wicomico St. This facility is a converted industrial building in Baltimore that is home to a variety of established and earlystage tangible product companies. Production equipment includes 14 industrial scale 3D printers, three nanofiber production lines, processing equipment for custom inks, a 5L Reactor Vessel, and a shop floor equipped for assembly manufacturing. Development equipment includes a [Creality Ender3 FDM and Form 2 Desktop SLA 3D Printer for ceramics, a ThorLabs Vega VEG210C1 Swept Source OCT Imaging System, two electrostatic spray booths, particle dispersion equipment with 11mm/8.3mm imaging depth and an A scan/Line Rate of 10 kHz,] [home built Photoacoustic Imaging System, which uses an Opolette 532 LD tunable laser system and an imasonic high sensitivity 3 MHz 2D transducer array,] three chemical fume hoods, an optical table, a centrifuge, a thermo gravimetric analyzer and a wide variety of general lab equipment used in electronic, biologic and chemical experiments. The office space houses a sales and marketing team, back office and tech support, and financing team that works with all of Early Charm’s portfolio companies. Early Charm’s location fosters collaboration between portfolio companies and peers operating in similar and complementary industries.

Advantages of Our Location

Baltimore is a hub of innovation that facilitates interaction and collaboration between academia, subject matter experts, key opinion leaders, and small businesses alike. While we maintain a research laboratory along with additional existing key infrastructure, it is also worth noting that all University of Maryland, Baltimore and Johns Hopkins University Core labs are open to use by all Maryland based companies, on a fee for service basis. Additionally [we have access to the GMP, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified lab at Harbor Designs and Manufacturing, also located at 1100 Wicomico St] [we maintain relationships with world class aquaculture experts and scientific researchers at Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET; Baltimore MD) who continue to act as a tremendous source of information and advice. We maintain good working relationships with core facility managers and department heads at these locations.