Isbell, an electrical and computer engineer, brings significant research and development experience to drive product development for Optave, Minnowtech and Perfora

September 15, 2022, Baltimore, MD – Early Charm Ventures, a company that creates, owns and operates ventures that convert science to revenue, today welcomed Jacob Isbell – an electrical and computer engineer – as Scientist for Machine Vision focusing on product development for Early Charm’s machine vision portfolio of companies.

In his new role, Isbell will work with Early Charm portfolio company Optave, helping to develop a Photo Acoustic Imager to improve diagnoses of prostate cancer, as well as with Minnowtech and Perfora to accelerate product development and commercialization.

Isbell earned a PhD from the University of Maryland in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Graduate Certificate in Computation and Mathematics for Biological Networks. He also received two Bachelor’s degrees, one each in Physics and Music from Brown University.

In completing his doctoral work, Isbell focused on mimicking bat echolocation using sonar and unmanned aerial vehicles. Isbell used neural networks and machine learning to model neural place cells and better understand how bats recognize place and map environments.

As part his undergraduate work at Brown, Isbell also researched high energy particle physics with a team working with the Large Hadron Collider. Isbell also has published two scholarly articles in Frontiers in Neurorobotics.

“We’re glad to have Jacob join us and bring real expertise in a range of machine vision skills including sonar sensors and photoacoustics,” said Ken Malone, Executive Officer with Early Charm. “We have a lot of customer demand in our growing machine vision portfolio and know Jacob will hit the ground running to help us drive continued growth.”

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