We have a complete system for managing the company that starts with a dashboard overview.

From there we can:

  1. Manage budgets, directly reading information from quickbooks and providing financial guidance to the teams

  2. Trace corporate goals into specific projects and then further trace them into tasks. The tasks are tracked in Asana, allowing individuals and teams to see what is on schedule and what is lagging, and to get notifications so nothing unintentionally slips through the cracks

  3. Watch for when NDAs, license agreements and other legal documents require actions. These are each organized in Airtables that track not just important dates but also any variances from our standard legal templates. 

  4. See the customer pipeline which can be picked up from Airtables in the early days of the company to Pipeline and eventually SalesForce as the holding grows.

  5. Track success of media campaigns, organize financing efforts and much more.


We empower the teams within each company to make informed decisions and provide the ability for teams across companies to help at the right time.
In addition, we use Slack to maintain internal communication records and we have a system of files in Dropbox that standardizes document storage, making it easy to find whatever the team needs.