Marketing and Branding

It’s not just about creating the right web presence and taking the right approach to social and traditional media. It is also about the timing of when to take actions.

It’s tempting to file the paperwork for a startup, obtain the license from the university and then want to scream to the world that you exist. Over-exposure at an early stage can make equity investors, customers and other stakeholders think that a company is stale and poorly managed when it reaches later stages. We narrowly focus our use of media to avoid over-exposure while targeting those that can truly impact early-stage companies.

We match the web site design, social media campaigns and traditional media articles to the stage of the company. In general, the complexity of these increases as the company progresses from idea to financing to revenue and the target market for each of them changes as well.

​We have dedicated people to create websites and to manage media who know and understand how startups need to transition.