Materic’s high purity nanowires key for use in products such as smart textiles, e-readers, display technology, photonics, biosensors and solar cells

November 29, 2023, Baltimore, MDMateric, a custom manufacturer of advanced materials, today announced the launch of its new product, Direct Silver silver nanowires.

The silver nanowires can be used in a range of applications including flexible electronics, transparent conductive electrodes for touch screen displays and solar cells, sensors, and high-performance electromagnetic interference.

The technology for the product was developed by materials science company NanoDirect, prior to its acquisition by Materic in 2021. Stephen Farias, PhD, and Sam Rosenthal, PhD, co-founders of NanoDirect and now members of the Materic team, developed the technology used in the product during their graduate research at Johns Hopkins University.

“Direct Silver is a great addition to our wide range of nanomaterials and custom ink products,” said Colin Harmer, Business Director at Materic. “It joins our product mix of nanomaterials and custom inks that includes nanofibers and nanoencapsulants, as well as flame retardant inks and biologic inks.”

Direct Silver nanowires are manufactured in Baltimore, MD, using a proprietary separation technology that results in a high purity silver nanowire ink. The nanowires are available for order on the Materic website at a 5mg/ml concentration in volumes ranging from 5mL to 500mL +.

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Colin Harmer
Business Director