Nafarrete brings his technology skills and experience to applying

Minnowtech’s sonar-based system at a shrimp farm in Kauai

March 15, 2022, Kekaha, HIMinnowtech, an aquaculture technology company that enables shrimp farmers to calculate shrimp abundance for optimizing feed and harvest, today announced the hiring of Daniel Nafarrete as Aquaculture R&D Technician, located at the company’s Kekaha office on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

In his new role, Nafarrete, a native of San Diego, CA, will focus his work on a shrimp farm in Kauai, helping with the collection of data and device maintenance. He’ll also work to make Minnowtech’s data collection system operate more autonomously.

Nafarrete’s career focus with Minnowtech will center on exploring innovative applications of electronic technologies within the aquaculture field. In addition to his professional work, Nafarrete will continue his pursuit of a major in Electronic Technology at Kauai Community College.

“We’re thrilled to have Daniel join our growing Minnowtech team,” said Suzan Shahrestani, PhD, CEO with Minnowtech. “Daniel’s skill and knowledge of complex electronics systems allows us to further drive our core product development and our mission to help aquaculture farmers prosper around the globe.”

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Minnowtech is an aquaculture technology company, founded in Baltimore, MD, and with operations in Hawaii, that enables shrimp farmers to measure shrimp biomass with precision. Using Minnowtech’s sonar-based system, shrimp farmers optimize the health and growth of their animals, enhancing harvest of market-size shrimp while minimizing risks to juvenile shrimp. Minnowtech is an Early Charm portfolio company. Learn more:

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