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New Approach at Flame Retardant Fabric Treatment


The US Army currently issues two basic uniform types: 1) a general duty nylon/cotton based uniform that is inexpensive, comfortable and durable, but lacks flame retardancy and 2) an aramid fiber based uniform that is expensive, less comfortable and less durable, but is flame retardant. They desired a nylon/cotton based uniform with flame retardancy similar to aramid fiber based uniforms plus enhance thermal barrier properties.


Numerous flame retardant nylon/cotton treatments exist but none are both wash durable and maintain fabric durability, and none provide enhance thermal barrier performance.


We developed flame retardant nylon/cotton textile treatment capable of being applied as a clear or colored treatment that can meet both cost (< 20% increase) and burn (??name specific test) targets even after 75 washes. Through the incorporation of a proprietary nanomaterial additive, thermal barrier performance (as measure by depth of simulated skin burn) showed a 10x improvement versus aramid uniforms.


Full scale trials have produced 100’s of yards of military camouflage fabric at one the US Government approved vendors and testing is in progress to complete all required certification testing. A version of the product is as being prepared for use in civilian industrial applications

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