Early Charm Announces Hiring of Alairé Jameson as Customer Discovery Associate

Jameson will focus on business case analysis and funding of new ventures across Early Charm’s Drug Design, Custom Materials, Blue Economy and Engineered Products portfolios

July 8, 2021, Baltimore, MD – Early Charm, a company that creates, owns and operates ventures that convert science to revenue, today announced the hiring of Alairé Jameson – a veteran entrepreneur and venture investment professional – as Customer Discovery Associate.

In this role, Jameson will develop business cases and funding for new ventures across Early Charm’s portfolio of companies in Drug Design, Custom Materials, Blue Economy and Engineered Products.

Over the last three years, Jameson has worked as an Investment Analyst for Baltimore Angels, Early Light Ventures and the University System of Maryland’s Momentum Fund.

In addition, Jameson has been heavily involved in Baltimore’s startup ecosystem as an early-stage entrepreneur and change management consultant working for Antson Advisors in Baltimore. From these experiences, Jameson has been a critical part of fast-paced, agile, innovative teams while supporting socially impactful startup companies, EcoMap Technologies and MindStand Technologies.

Jameson began his professional career as a defense contractor at the US National Security Agency, then worked for Baltimore-based defense startups Clear Ridge Defense and 4S Silversword in support of NSA, DISA, USCYBERCOM, DHA, the Service Cyber Components and the greater national security intelligence community.

"I first met Alairé at a Baltimore Angels meetings," said Ken Malone, Executive Officer with Early Charm. "He impressed me with his knowledge of startups and engaged me with his passion for entrepreneurship. I knew then that we needed him as a part of our team and am excited to get him on board."

Jameson graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a Masters of Professional Studies in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies with a focus on International Affairs.

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