Early Charm Ventures Acquires Controlling Interest in Revolve Biotechnologies

Early Charm Ventures adds Revolve to its Drug Discovery portfolio of companies and

aims to help accelerate Revolve’s product development and business growth potential

September 24, 2020, Baltimore, MD – Early Charm Ventures, a venture studio that converts science to business, announced today it has acquired a controlling interest in Revolve Biotechnologies, a life sciences company that builds comprehensive DNA variant libraries for accelerated development of novel proteins for pharmacological drug development.

As part of this transaction, Early Charm has secured an investment in Revolve from the Delaware Innovation Space First Fund. With this new investment, Revolve Biotechnologies will locate its operations and lab space at Delaware Innovation Space in Wilmington, DE, taking advantage of their world class biotech facilities.

Revolve also announced today its hiring of Olumide Kayode, PhD as Applications Scientist. Dr. Kayode is an ardent Structural Biologist with detailed knowledge of protease biology and enzyme catalysis. His research experience includes stints with the Cancer Research Training Program within the National Cancer Institute as well as with the Mayo Clinic Graduate School focusing on Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

“The founding team of Revolve did a fantastic job establishing the performance and credibility of our products with some key customers. Now, we can tap into Early Charm Venture’s expertise to accelerate Revolve’s brand awareness and grow revenue,” says Alex Meltzer, PhD, CEO of Revolve and Early Charm Ventures Principal. “We’re also very glad to have Dr. Olumide Kayode join our growing scientific team of protein experts.”

Revolve, founded in 2013 based on PFunkel mutagenesis technology developed at Johns Hopkins University, focuses on engineering better proteins using novel-directed evolution technologies.

The company’s core DNA variant generation technology enables construction of comprehensive, high-quality DNA libraries for identifying novel proteins with improved properties. These libraries are generated up to four times faster and offer up to 1000x more coverage than competing technologies.

Revolve continues to offer its technology as a service for the biopharmaceutical industry and will be expanding to in-house product development as well. Some of these promising new in-house programs include enzyme and antibody-based therapeutics, optimized to treat disease.

Revolve currently holds three issued patents covering its library generation technology and a nonprovisional patent covering high-performance fluorescent protein discovered via Revolve’s in-house platform technology.

About Revolve Biotechnologies:

Revolve Biotechnologies deploys its proprietary custom DNA variant library creation platform for protein and nucleic acid evolution – leading to rapidly discovered lead-optimized candidates from libraries of billions of variants. Revolve is applying the platform towards creating products and services for other biotechnology companies as well as developing in-house products. Revolve's services for construction of custom DNA variant libraries and high-affinity antibodies lead in industry and development time and library size/coverage. Learn more: www.revolvebiotech.com

About Early Charm Ventures:

Early Charm Ventures is a venture studio, founded in 2012 in Baltimore, that converts science to business. Early Charm specializes in taking brilliant scientific discoveries made at universities and turning them into companies focused on growth. Our best successes come from teaming with entrepreneurial-minded faculty who are rooted in tools for drug design, custom materials, aquaculture technologies and machine vision. Ultimately, we bring to the table our deep experience co-founding companies with leading researchers. With these exceptional people and their ideas, we partner with them to advance or even create whole new industries. Learn more: www.earlycharm.com

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