Early Charm Ventures Expands into Delaware

Early Charm Portfolio Companies, Gaskiya Diagnostics and Revolve Biotechnologies,

receive advanced lab spaces and investments from Delaware Innovation Space

September 24, 2020, Baltimore, MD – Early Charm Ventures, a venture studio that converts science to business, today announced that two of its portfolio companies, Gaskiya Diagnostics and Revolve Biotechnologies, are opening new laboratory spaces at Delaware Innovation Space (DIS) while also receiving seed investments from DIS’s First Fund Program.

The Delaware Innovation Space is located on the globally renowned DuPont Experimental Station campus and provides 100,000 square feet of advanced, multi-use lab space for its resident companies.

“Locating at Experimental Station, and being close to the University of Delaware, will enable us to expand our most powerful asset at Early Charm - our network,” said Ken Malone, Managing Director with Early Charm Ventures. “There’s a deep history of materials science and agricultural technologies in Delaware that compliments our custom materials and aquaculture portfolios.”

This development follows Early Charm’s expansion last February into 2,150 additional square feet of production space at Baltimore’s 1100 Wicomico for custom manufacturing and development of advanced materials.

“We already have access to first-rate facilities and capital in Baltimore, so expanding into Delaware is all about driving our creativity with fresh ideas,” said Malone. “It’s a great opportunity to fuel our continued rapid growth.”

About Gaskiya Diagnostics:

Gaskiya serves the $250 billion/year aquaculture industry by enabling farmers to quickly diagnose disease in their stock and take immediate action to mitigate its impact. No specialized training or equipment are needed to perform the tests, making them broadly accessible to farmers of all skill sets. Rapid diagnosis leads to faster treatment, fewer losses and more quality food to meet global demand. Learn more: www.gaskiyadiagnostics.com

About Revolve Biotechnologies:

Revolve serves the drug development industry by unlocking the full potential of protein engineering. The core technology, licensed from Johns Hopkins University, drives novel creation of optimized proteins for therapeutics, diagnostics and research tools. Revolve generates comprehensive DNA variant libraries four times faster and provides up to 1000x more coverage than competing technologies. Revolve currently sells to the biopharmaceutical industry as well as develops its own enzyme and antibody-based therapeutics. Learn more: www.revolvebiotech.com

About Early Charm Ventures:

Early Charm Ventures is a venture studio, founded in 2012 in Baltimore, that converts science to business. Early Charm specializes in taking brilliant scientific discoveries made at universities and turning them into companies focused on growth. Our best successes come from teaming with entrepreneurial-minded faculty who are rooted in tools for drug design, custom materials, aquaculture technologies and machine vision. Ultimately, we bring to the table our deep experience co-founding companies with leading researchers. With these exceptional people and their ideas, we partner with them to advance or even create whole new industries. Learn more: www.earlycharm.com

Media Contact:

Ken Malone

Early Charm Ventures