Early Charm Ventures Invests In L2C Partners To Drive Tech Transfer Opportunities

Early Charm Ventures, a startup studio that collaborates with academic researchers to convert science to business, today announced its investment in L2C Partners, a Philadelphia-based company that provides outsourced technology transfer and commercialization services for higher education and research-focused institutions. 

Under this new relationship, Early Charm Ventures will collaborate with L2C Partners to broaden each company's exposure to institution-based technologies and intellectual property that may be viable for patent protection and commercialization.

Early Charm Ventures' portfolio industry focus, which includes life science, computational chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology, complements L2C Partners' expertise in helping universities and research institutions bring their research-driven inventions and intellectual property to the market. ​ "We're delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with L2C Partners and leverage our areas of expertise to drive more commercialization opportunities," said Ken Malone, Principal with Early Charm Ventures. "L2C Partners, in our view, has unparalleled experience working one-on-one with institutions to help them unearth their research and new ideas that deserve to be vetted for potential market viability. Ultimately, our investment in L2C Partners is about strengthening and accelerating both of our individual capabilities."

"We couldn't be more pleased to have this opportunity with Early Charm Ventures to bring more scientific innovations out of the laboratory and into the marketplace," said Merle Gilmore, Founder and CEO of L2C Partners. "The fact is colleges, universities and research institutions across the country continue to conduct world-class research, leading to breakthroughs that can serve a wide range of industry needs and demands. Our market advantage now is leveraging our knowledge, networks and skill to help institutions of all sizes foster significant, new entrepreneurial startup activity."

About Early Charm Ventures:

Early Charm Ventures is a startup studio, founded in 2012 in Baltimore, that collaborates with academic researchers to convert science to business. Early Charm Ventures specializes in taking brilliant scientific discoveries made at universities and turning them into companies focused on growth. Its best successes come from teaming hands-on with entrepreneurial-minded faculty who are rooted in a range of industries including materials science, imaging, aquaculture and advanced research tools. In our work, we are the management team, the operators and the entrepreneurs. We show up to the labs and offices every day to do the heavy lifting. Ultimately, we bring to the table our deep experience co-founding companies with leading researchers. With these exceptional people and their ideas, we partner with them to advance or even create whole new industries. Learn more: www.earlycharm.com

About L2C Partners:

L2C Partners offers institutions and research organizations expert outsourced technology transfer and commercialization services. Committed to innovators and to moving inventions from the lab (or the studio) to society, L2C helps its clients optimize the opportunity posed by an existing gap in the life sciences / technology / manufacturing ecosystem. L2C Partners currently supports health system, research institution, colleges and university clients across the eastern United States. The company, powered by veteran business and tech transfer executives, is headquartered in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Learn more: www.l2cpartners.com