NanoDirect Launches its Direct Silver Line of Silver Nanowire Dispersions

NanoDirect’s high purity nanowires key for use in products such as smart textiles,

e-readers, display technology, photonics, biosensors and solar cells

October 27, 2020, Baltimore, MDNanoDirect, a materials science company building a new generation of printed and flexible electronics, today launched its silver nanowire product line, called Direct Silver™, for use in highly conductive and highly transparent electronic inks and coatings for printed and flexible electronics.

NanoDirect’s patented nanoparticle purification process uses a continuous flow design to improve separation efficiency and lower cost compared to conventional filtration processes. NanoDirect’s new Direct Silver nanowire dispersions have excellent nanowire purity with sufficiently long wire lengths, small diameters, and ink concentrations required for transparent conductor manufacturing.

Electronic inks and coatings are important foundational technologies in a wide range of consumer and industrial products. They have use in smart textiles, e-readers, display technology, photonics, biosensors and solar cells.

“Our technology enables us to dial in highly desirable lengths and diameters of nanowires and cost effectively eliminate any impurities that have hampered implementation of silver nanowires in challenging electronics applications,” said Stephen Farias, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO with NanoDirect. “Our initial product launch shows excellent characteristics, but we can meet more challenging specifications if needed.”

The conductive inks market reached $3.3 billion in 2019 with silver-based inks comprising the largest segment of the market. NanoDirect’s silver nanowire products enable scalable and low-cost manufacturing processes such as roll-to-roll processing, slot die coating, and spray-casting to be used for large-area applications.

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NanoDirect is a materials science company, based in Baltimore, MD, that is committed to fostering a new generation of printed and flexible electronics by providing high quality nanomaterials and scalable purification processes. NanoDirect is a portfolio company of Materic Ventures. Learn more: and

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