Tarsier Optics Awarded $20,000 NASA Science Mission Directorate Entrepreneurs Challenge Grant

Tarsier Optics plans to apply these resources to accelerate product

development for its quantum camera technology

October 6, 2020, Baltimore, MDTarsier Optics, LLC, a technology company that is developing a turbulence-free camera system and related method of image resolution enhancement, announced today it has been awarded a $20,000 grant from the NASA Science Mission Directorate Entrepreneurs Challenge.

Just one of ten US companies selected for this grant, Tarsier Optics will apply these resources to help accelerate its advanced imaging product development and tailor its novel camera system to NASA’s specific needs. Under the terms of this award, Tarsier Optics will pitch its technology at the NASA SBIR-sponsored Innovation Opportunity Conference, October 20-22, 2020, for the opportunity to receive an additional $80,000 grant.

Tarsier Optics is developing quantum camera technology that is able to obtain real-time turbulence free images. Tarsier Optics’ prototype quantum camera can currently resolve 1-foot structures at 1,000 feet with a 35mm lens and 2-inch structures at 1,000 feet with a 200mm lens, a significant improvement over the existing resolution of other approaches.

Tarsier Optics’ technology can be applied in a range of contexts, such as with NASA and the US Department of Defense at which optical systems are used for long range imaging. The market for remote sensing and geospatial intelligence technology, which includes Tarsier Optics’ technology, is estimated to be $14.4 billion in 2021. Tarsier Optics’ technology also is applicable to general sighting needs for high-security buildings, ships and vehicles, as well as on advanced rifle and gun sights.

“Our advanced imaging technology provides users – especially for NASA – a small size, weight, and power form factor,” says Chris Moad, Director of Business Development with Tarsier Optics. “We’re grateful to the NASA Science Mission Directorate Entrepreneurs Challenge for this award and opportunity to further advance our technology for real-world applications.”

Tarsier Optics’ quantum camera and turbulence-free imaging technology was developed by Dr. Yanhua Shih, a pioneer in the field of quantum optics at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

About the NASA Science Mission Directorate Entrepreneurs Challenge:

NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) is partnering with the global aerospace hub, Starburst, to create a program to engage US technology-focused entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurs Challenge identifies promising companies working on technology that will advance the state-of-the-art in three broadly defined technology focus areas: AI, mass spectrometry and quantum sensors. Learn more: www.nasa-science-challenge.com

About Tarsier Optics:

Tarsier Optics, LLC is a Baltimore, MD-based technology company that develops a turbulence-free camera system and related method of image resolution enhancement for use in a range of aeronautical, space, military and commercial applications. Tarsier Optics is a portfolio company with Early Charm Ventures. Learn more: www.tarsieroptics.com

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