SilcsBio and Helix BioStructures to tap mutual areas of expertise in drug design and spur new drug design opportunities for pharmaceutical and research organizations

August 29, 2022, Baltimore, MD and Indianapolis, INSilcsBio, a technology company that develops and markets software and services for structure-based drug design, today announced the launch of a partnership with Helix BioStructures, a pharmaceutical-biotech contract research organization that provides high-quality, integrated drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical community in the US and globally.

Under the new partnership, SilcsBio’s expertise in structure-based drug design will join with Helix BioStructure’s specialized protein structure determination services including X-ray crystallography.

With this partnership dynamic, pharmaceutical companies and research organizations using SilcsBio’s computer-aided drug design services will be able to tap into Helix BioStructure’s 3-D structures of proteins (or other biological targets). This, in turn, enables pharmaceutical researchers a seamless way to confirm the mechanism and engagement of the target, enabling the advancement and/or acceleration of pharmaceutical R&D.

“Our new partnership with Helix will go a long way toward helping pharmaceutical companies and research organizations accelerate their drug design pipelines,” said Ken Malone, CEO of SilcsBio. “We’re ready to bring our SILCS technology and expert consultative services together with the Helix team’s expertise in chemical and structural analysis, protein production and purification.”

“We’re delighted to partner with SilcsBio to pair up our combined abilities to help the pharmaceutical industry develop new therapeutics faster and more efficiently to meet urgent needs globally,” said Josh Carter, CEO of Helix BioStructures. “With the skill sets of both our teams, this partnership provides our customers with a unique, specialized offering comprising SilcsBio’s structure-based drug design software and our 3D protein (crystal) structures.”

About Helix BioStructures:
Helix is a privately held company based in Indianapolis, IN providing protein design and expression, crystallography, crystallization, drug discovery, drug design, and structure elucidation services for drug discovery and development. Learn more:

About SilcsBio:
SilcsBio, an Early Charm Ventures portfolio company, offers the SILCS platform technology that advances computational drug design applications through detailed protein mapping that accounts for flexibility and solvation and enables highly efficient ligand binding evaluation, virtual screening, and more. SilcsBio software and services span from target protein mapping and analysis through lead optimization and offers key insights for biological therapeutic formulations. The proprietary software unlocks hidden binding hotspots of target proteins and reveals the preferred ligand chemistries at those sites to rapidly guide the drug design process. Learn more:

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