Funding is Part of DoE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) OPEN 2021 Program to Strengthen US Advanced Energy Goals

June 21, 2022, Baltimore, MD Synteris, a company commercializing technology for net-shape 3D printing of non-oxide ceramic parts, today announced it has been awarded a $2.7 million grant from the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) OPEN 2021 grant program.

Synteris’s grant award funds are part of this OPEN 2021 competitive DoE grant program that prioritizes funding technologies in support of novel approaches to clean energy challenges.

“Being selected for ARPA-E funding is a great testament to the radically different approach we are taking to 3D printing ceramics,” said Steve Farias, CSO and founder of Synteris. “Our co-founder and inventor of Synteris’s technology, Adam Peters, deserves significant credit for his vision in our product development path.”

With these new funds, Synteris will accelerate development of its 3D-printable ceramic packaging for power electronic modules to improve their thermal management, power density, performance and lifetime. Synteris’s technology will substantially improve the design, manufacturability and function of power modules used in electric vehicles, aircraft, plus related applications such as military use.

“Many factors played into our ability to obtain this important funding,” said Ken Malone, CEO of Synteris’ parent company, Materic. “We certainly would not have obtained these resources without critical seed funding we received last year from TEDCO’s Maryland Innovation Initiative. Materic’s efforts to build a portfolio of 3D printing technologies also played an important role in fueling Synteris’s growth.”

Synteris is a subsidiary of Materic, a custom manufacturer of advanced materials. Synteris sister companies – Danae, Ortuvo and Ceravin – manufacture 3D printed plastics, biologics and oxide ceramics respectively.

For the full ARPA-E OPEN 21 awardee list with project descriptions, including Synteris, visit the ARPA-E OPEN 2021 webpage.

About Materic:
Based in Baltimore, MD, Materic custom designs and manufactures advanced materials. We apply our expertise in electrospinning, nanoparticle separation, textile treatments, 3D printing materials, specialty inks and microencapsulation to our own product lines as well as taking on custom manufacturing projects for our customers. Learn more: ,

About Synteris:
Synteris is a technology company, based in Baltimore, MD, producing materials for additive manufacturing of non-oxide ceramic parts such as carbides, nitrides and borides. Learn more.

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