Early Charm Venture Fellows Program

Our four-month Venture Fellow program is designed for recent graduates with unique technical or scientific skills who want to learn how to launch a new intellectual property intensive venture. 


Early Charm Venture Fellows work with our Early Charm Leadership Team to analyze business cases for launching ventures around new science and technology. Our Venture Fellowship is a full-time, paid program located at our offices/labs in Baltimore, MD.

Venture Fellow

Start / End date of position: Spring/Summer 2022 (4-month fellowship with possibility to extend).

Job Description

Come take a lead role in finding and launching our next venture. We are looking for a Venture Fellow to help identify the unmet needs and the new technologies around which we can build a growth-focused business. 

For this internship, we are specifically interested in finding technologies in the machine vision and AI research areas. Ideally, if we mesh well, we want to bring you on after the fellowship to help lead the new venture(s).

Learn by doing with our support and experience to back you up through the whole process – you will take the lead in talking with leading scientists regionally and nationally, discovering their ideas and engaging with potential customers to understand their needs. And in the process, understanding how that scientist works and thinks - will he/she be a good partner for our next venture?

We've done this dozens of times. You will have help and guidance, but you will be doing the work and we'll encourage you to make the decisions. 

What will you gain out of this fellowship? A deep understanding of how to find a new venture idea, how to form a new venture team, and how to lead it. And the development of a huge network.


  • PhD or advanced physical science or engineering degree (Candidates that are close to graduation also considered)

  • Strong interpersonal and written communication skills

  • Interest in being the lead of a potential new venture after fellowship conclusion

  • Ability and interest to work across multiple scientific disciplines – we aren’t expecting you to be an expert in all fields, but the ability to digest information from outside of one’s trained field is critical to what we do.

  • Comfortable making decisions based on incomplete information, and being comfortable with changing that decision in light of new information.

For more information, contact Mark Juetten: mark.juetten@earlycharm.com